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Camper Cap™ - LED Beanie Hat

Camper Cap™ - LED Beanie Hat

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 "We got these colorful lights for our family camping trips—one for each of us. They come in handy when we're having dinner or playing board games before bed. The lights create a nice atmosphere, making our camping experience more enjoyable and cozier. It's simple but adds a special touch to our evenings under the open sky."
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Navigating in the the dark abyss of the great woods where there is little to no illumination can seem impossible. The absence of adequate illumination not only strains the eyes but also hampers the ability to perform tasks, both for work and camping enjoyment, as dusk settles in. This lack of alternative lighting further compounds into frustration, and even fear, not being able to see what lies before, in the unknown.

Camper Cap™ revolutionizes the camping experience by expertly addressing the challenges of poor lighting conditions. Its multifunctional design, featuring a three-level light mode and constructed with high-quality materials, eliminating the discomfort of navigating a dimly lit campsite. Enjoy Camper Cap™ as it ensures that families can extend outdoor activities well into the evening, as it effortlessly provides a reliable source of illumination for both work and leisure.




Enhanced Visibility: The integrated LED in Camper Cap™ becomes a beacon of light in the dark, illuminating surroundings for enhanced visibility during nighttime camping or dark spaces. The focused brilliance of the LED feature ensures safety and adds a touch of adventure to nocturnal outdoor activities.

Hands-Free Convenience:  Camper Cap™ introduces wireless convenience to camping with its integrated LED lights, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords. This cord-free design enhances the camping environment by allowing unrestricted movement, making tasks like setting up camp, cooking, or navigating even more seamless and enjoyable.

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 Comfort in Cold Conditions:
 Made with a super soft acrylic blend Camper Cap™ doubles as a source of warmth for the head in colder temperatures. Stay warm and enjoy the ability to listen to music and stay protected in cold weather conditions.

Versatility in Lighting: With adjustable brightness levels, Camper Cap™ offers precise control over the light intensity. This adaptability makes it suitable for various activities, such as working in dark garages or hiking along dimly lit trails during camping adventures. 

Extended Battery Life: Modern technology is energy-efficient, ensuring that the batteries in Camper Cap™ last longer. This longevity is particularly advantageous during extended camping trips or long work hours, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements and ensuring a reliable light source throughout your adventure.


We understand the challenge posed by poor lighting during camping, recognizing the difficulty of fully enjoying beautiful afternoons with family when visibility is compromised. The absence of an LED hat transforms every step into a disheartening struggle, turning the anticipated joy of camping into a frustrating and disorienting experience. A recent study shows that one of the most common injuries while camping or hiking is a sprained ankle and often times this is due to not being able to see the ground because of poor lighting.

With Camper Cap™, say farewell to poor lighting issues during camping, the versatile accessory designed to conquer the challenges of poor lighting in the great outdoors. This stylish cap stands as a beacon of innovation, providing not only hassle-free but also highly effective illumination, ensuring heightened visibility and unparalleled convenience throughout adventures. Whether navigating dense woods or setting up camp at dusk, let Camper Cap™ be the reliable companion, seamlessly blending functionality with a touch of outdoor elegance.



Product Details & Contents:

  • Transmission Range: 10 Meters
  • Bluetooth-compatible Protocol: 5
  • Whether Single Ear or Double Ear: Bilateral Stereo
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Power: Charging Battery Capacity 250mAh
  • Features: Adjustable, Multifunctional, Wireless Headset


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