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Power Pack™ - Portable Solar Power Bank

Power Pack™ - Portable Solar Power Bank

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"I am delighted with the performance of this product; it works flawlessly, exactly as depicted in the pictures. The convenience of it being pre-loaded upon arrival was a pleasant surprise. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of such functionality. A thank you to the sellers for delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 😁" 

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Neglecting the need for a reliable portable charging station while camping can lead to inconvenience and frustration. The absence of proper charging solutions may result in the inability to power essential devices, impacting the overall enjoyment of the outdoor experience. Insufficient readiness for a camping excursion can lead to persistent discomfort, impacting the overall enjoyment of the outdoor adventure.

Power Pack™ stands as the ultimate companion for camping, providing a reliable and comfortable charging solution. Experience the ease offered by Power Pack™, showcasing efficient and swift charging capabilities, technology resistant to weather conditions, and a travel-friendly solution for seamless usability. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by a portable charging station tailored for camping, ensuring devices remain ready for use.




Direction Tool: Offering communication and navigation functionalities, Power Pack™ has a built-in compass, this versatile tool doubles as a reliable power source. Additionally, it offers a reliable source of power for emergency situations, enhancing safety and preparedness during outdoor adventures.

Solar Energy: The Power Pack™ ensures continuous connectivity by functioning as a independent energy source with its engraved solar panels that charge the internal battery. This secures uninterrupted power, empowering campers to stay seamlessly connected and powered up during their adventures.

Adapter Charging: Equipped with a micro USB port, Power Pack™ provides a consistent and reliable power source for devices while also serving as a versatile hub for charging various electronics. Its adaptability enhances the overall camping experience by addressing diverse power needs within a compact and portable solution.

Water Resistant: Power Pack™ showcases resilience by withstanding diverse outdoor elements, including varying weather conditions and challenging terrains. Its robust and water-resistant design ensures durability and reliability, making it well-suited to thrive in the demanding camping environment.

Solar Power Bank, With A Compass Charger Power Bank, Family For Cell Phone

Dual usage: The inclusion of a flashlight in Power Pack™ enhances its versatility and convenience. In addition to being a reliable energy source for devices, the built-in flashlight improves the camping experience by providing illumination during nighttime activities, contributing to safety and visibility in the surroundings.


We empathize with the frustration that arises when a dependable power station is unavailable, recognizing the inconvenience it can cause. The lack of a reliable power source can pose challenges during camping, particularly at night, causing disruptions and inconvenience in keeping essential devices powered. Recent data indicates that first time campers, can stay an additional 9 days by having access to technology and are able to charge their devices.

With Power Pack™ bid farewell to the challenges of camping without a reliable portable charging station! Power Pack™ doesn't just offer a power source; it provides a hassle-free solution for camping, ensuring a seamless outdoor adventure. Revel in the effortless convenience, stylish design, and practical benefits of powering devices, making an ideal companion for any camping trip.



Product Details & Contents:

  • waterproof grade (IP68) the highest level of waterproof
  • waterproof, dust-proof, anti-drop, shockproof, anti-bracket function (five anti-upgrade version)
  • dual USB interface, over-current and over-discharge short-circuit protection (device safety)
  • imported digital chip, high conversion rate, energy storage superhero first class
  • the back shell compass design; configuration mountaineering buckle, can be hung on the backpack
  • 1x Charger Cable
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